5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Health Plan

Good health may be the most important thing anyone can possess. Good health insurance can play an important role in helping you achieve it.

When selecting a health plan, there’s a lot to consider. Cost is certainly one factor but it shouldn’t be the only one. It’s to your advantage to find coverage that meets your needs, values your preferences and demonstrates its worth.

Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself as you weigh your options:

Am I clear about what the plan will cover? Look for specific details about coverage for doctor visits, hospital care, prescription drugs, and dental and eye care. It’s good to look into coverage for home care, nursing home care and services like physical therapy too. You might not need these today, but you could in the future.

Can I keep my current doctor, hospital and pharmacy? Be aware that with some plans, your choices are limited. What’s more, you may not think these choices are high-quality options.

How did previous coverage fit my needs? Often, it’s helpful to take a closer look at the kinds of claims you’ve had in the past and weigh them against the coverage a new plan will offer.

What’s the most I’ll have to pay out of pocket? Premiums are only one consideration. It’s important to consider other factors such as deductibles and co-payments as well.

If there’s a dispute about a bill or service, how will it be handled? Sometimes third parties have a role. It’s a good idea to learn how problems will be addressed up front.

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