Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location

Centegra Health & Wellness Network
Accountable Care Organization, LLC

527 W. South Street
Woodstock, IL 60098

ACO Primary Contact

Julie Thompson, Director of Centegra Health and Wellness Network

Organization Information

ACO Participants

Centegra Primary Care, LLC
Center for Neurology, S.C.
Fox Valley Internal Medicine, Llc
Haider Medical Group, Ltd.
Honeid Baxamusa
Honeid M. Baxamusa
Ifzal Bangash MD, SC
Mackie Snebold
McHenry County Orthopedics SC
Memorial Medical Center
Northern Illinois Medical Center
T. Ahmad Md Sc

ACO Participants in Joint Ventures between ACO Professionals and Hospitals

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals

ACO Governing Body


Michael S. Eesley, Voting Member/CEO, Centegra Health System

Medicare Beneficiary:

Margaret Fellberg, Voting Member/Medicare Beneficiary Representative

Centegra Physician Care Physician Members:

Dr. Ifzal Bangash, Chairman, Voting Member/Participant Representative, Centegra Primary Care, LLC

Dr. Joseph Emmons, Secretary/Treasurer, Voting Member/ACO Participant, Centegra Primary Care, LLC

Dr. Lisa Glosson, Voting Member/ACO Participant, Centegra Primary Care, LLC

Dr. Kumar Nathan, Voting Member/ACO Participant, Centegra Primary Care, LLC

Dr. Paul Berkowitz, Voting Member/ACO Participant, Centegra Primary Care, LLC

Independent Physician Members:


Dr. Mackie Snebold, Voting Member/other, CHWN Medical Director

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership

Michael S. Eesley, Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Shepley, President of Centegra Insurance Services

Doug Fenstermaker, Interim CFO

Dr. Kumar Nathan, Vice President of Clinical Effectiveness

Dr. Christine Poulos, Medical Director

Dr. Paul Berkowitz, Behavioral Health Medical Director

Kristin Kurczewski, Compliance Director

Julie Thompson, Director of Clinical Integration


Quality Improvement/Finance Committee

Dr. Christine Poulos, Committee Chair and Medical Director

Nathan, Kumar MD

Bernardi, Pasquale MD

Berkowitz, Paul MD, Behavioral Health Medical Director

Jun, Greg MD, Assistant Medical Director

Hoffman, Marcel MD

Nepomuceno, Daniel MD

Emmons, Joseph MD

Hummel, Milton MD

Gilroy, Philip MD

Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO

Partnership or joint venture arrangement between hospitals and ACO professionals

Shared Savings and Losses

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

Agreement period beginning 2015, Performance Year 2015: $0

Shared Savings Distribution

Agreement period beginning 2015, Performance Year 2015: $0

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver

Quality Performance Results

2015 reporting period

For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.